Create Slideshow using Mobile Phone

What is Slideshow?

A slideshow is a presentation showing pictures or videos of the sequence. The usual way to do this is to have a computer and software, but now it can be done using an android phone.

If you're reading this article, you're probably about to create a slideshow presentation. To learn how to do this, keep reading this article.

What are you need to start editing?

1. Android Phone. (KineMaster requires at least Android 4.1.2 but works best on 4.2 or later.)
2. Download Kinemaster on playstore.

How to make Slideshow using Mobile Phone?

Step 1. Open the kinemaster, press the add film icon and select the 16:9 aspect ratio.

Step 2. Tap the media and pick all the images you want to use for your slideshow.
Step 3. To add transition effects, tap the box between two images then select the transition effect you want.
Note: You can change the transition effect in every next photo.

Step 4. To add a title or text to the photo, tap the image and select Clip Graphics. And you will see all the effects you need. Choose one of those, then type the text or word you want to input.
Note: You can also adjust the duration of the image.

Step 5. To add sounds or music to your slideshow, tap the audio options, then select the music stored on your phone.
Step 6. If you're done, export your video, and it will save as an mp4 file, and it will automatically save at kinemaster>export folder.

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