Make Scan Effect using KineMaster

Neon Outline Effect

What are you need to start editing?

1. Android Phone. (KineMaster requires at least Android 4.1.2 but works best on 4.2 or later.)
2. Download Kinemaster on playstore.

Step 1. Open the KineMaster, add a new project, and select the 16:9 ratio.

Step 2. Tap the media and insert your video.

Step 3. Now tap the layer > effects options and select the KineMaster asset store. Select the artistic options and look for the Neon Outline effect. Click it and install it.

Step 4. Go back and you will see the new installed effect. Add the neon effect to the video and make it full screen. Set the duration to the same as your video, then export.

Step 5. After exporting, remove the effect and tap the layer > handwriting options. Before inserting the shape, make it a solid square and color it green. And set the duration to the same as your video.

Step 6. Next, we will move the green shape using keyframe animation. Place the playhead at the far right end. Tap the Add animation icon and move the shape to where you want to end the motion. Then export the video.

Step 7. Now delete the shape and your video. Tap the media and select your first exported video.

Step 8. Add the second exported video as a layer. set to full screen and enabled the chroma key. Add the music you want, then export your video.

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